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Why Newport?

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At Newport Realty, we have over 80 full time professionals. Most of our associates came to us from other firms, but it is interesting that 30 started with us as brand new Realtors.

All are happily successful, but don’t take our word for it – listen to some of the testimonials of a handful of our current Realtors.



“I’d been aware of Christies International Real Estate and the Newport Realty office as a very established local “boutique” company. Their handsome signs were everywhere. In 2017 I approached them as a new Realtor. I’m glad I did. In our meeting I sensed it was a good fit. There was their warm manner, a feeling of family with great associates and a strong management team. I’ve since discovered that Newport truly wants me and my clients to be successful. They’re helpful in everyway. As I finish my 4th year I know joining Newport was the best decision I could have made. I’m proud to be part of such an excellent organization.”



“I moved over to Newport Realty because of the people and the company’s broad network. Newport has highly regarded Realtors, professionals who truly know what their doing, and are fun to work with! The strength of the ownership and management at the company is also a big factor. They are well respected, long time members of our community. Newport is the exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate for Vancouver Island, which means I can bring the strength of a local company, together with the access to a global network, right to my clients door.”



“I started as a newbie. I was made to feel welcome from the moment I arrived. Newport had this solid corporate image but I had no idea how friendly it was, how enjoyable my fellow “Newporters” were, and how many friendships I would form. Heck, I was invited to a Newport social gathering on my first day. It’s the right atmosphere. People look out for and care for each other. Administration and Management go the extra mile. This is a company with Heart, not a faceless corporation with ownership elsewhere. It has personality and flair. It’s my kind of environment and I have benefitted from the energy there.”



“I started with Newport when I has 22 during my last year at UVIC. My realtor father Tom felt it was the only company for me to consider for a career. Veteran Realtors helped me and made me feel welcome from day one. Now over 18 years later I look back on that decision and feel fortunate. My Newport Realty stands out as a brand and excels in the market. Everyone goes quietly about their business but is right there to help. What a great feeling there. I’m proud to be a part of it.”



“Moving over from Vancouver and starting a new career in real estate, I looked for an independent company with local owners. One with a solid reputation. My friend told me about Newport Realty, and I liked their image and approach. It was warm and personal. I so enjoy the spirit of cooperation from such a cohesive group including the amazing support of our administration team. Newport’s ‘principals’ are followed fondly so we’re clear on what is the right thing to do for those counting on us. At the same time, it’s an office that enjoys itself, and enjoys the profession.”



“When I became licenced in 2017 my first and only interview was at Newport Realty because I know it was where I wanted to be. With my background in Performing Arts I have learned to “read the room” and the Newport associates and staff have a positive energy which promotes a great atmosphere. The Administration staff should get their own award for excellence and I personally give them a gold star of approval. They are very supportive and helpful with ,y paperwork; which is appreciated. The management are barre none and our weekly meetings are always fun and informative. If I were to sum up in three words the Newport environment it would be Integrity, Professionalism and Honesty. For realtors new and old, Newport Realty is my recommended brokerage. On top of all that, being the west coast affiliate of Christies brings my clients international attention at the highest level.”


Here are just some of the reasons our Realtors love working here, so what’s stopping you from starting your career with Newport? Contact us today to learn more about what your career at Newport could look like.